once like a spark, Harry/Louis, NC-17

once like a spark
6 789 words
AU, hook-up with feelings

Louis is a bartender, and Harry is just his type.

"Can I get you anything else?" Louis asks and shimmies his hips along to the beat of the music. Zayn is giving him a look from the other end of the bar, frowning slightly at the line of people waiting to get a drink. Louis rolls his eyes and shrugs and turns his attention back to the boy, who ruffles his fringe and gives Louis a little lopsided grin.


to be a fool, Harry/Louis, NC-17

to be a fool
Harry/Louis, NC-17
pining, size/height difference kink
9 156 words

♥ to violentfires and imagination55 for the wonderful beta, to randominity for her encouragement, and to dangerbears because she requested Harry/Louis, height kink fic forever ago (sorry it took so long!).

It strikes him now, oddly, that he’s never before noticed the height of Louis’ shoulders compared to his own, and how much smaller Louis actually is. He frowns, confused at himself, and shakes his head.

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to keep you awake, Nick/Louis, NC-17

to keep you awake
2 424 words
NC-17, mostly just porn

Nick visits Louis after the show.

“Good morning, darling,” Nick chirps, sets his phone to speaker and drops it in his lap. Louis groans something unintelligible and Nick pulls out onto the street. “I’ll be calling you at half eight, babe,” he continues. “So I thought I’d give you a little wakeup call.”


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in its cage, Nick/Louis, NC-17

in its cage
Nick Grimshaw/Louis Tomlinson
4 781 words, NC-17

At Niall's birthday party, Louis gets drunk with Nick.

Yes,” Nick says, “that’s what I’m good at. Getting people shitfaced. I’m a professional shitfacer.” He shifts a little closer, his thigh pressed against Louis’, his body warm and big next to his own.

“You’re a professional shittalker,” Louis shoots back, smirking, “that’s what you are.” He draws back, bumping shoulders with Nick, and gives him a challenging look.

run in the dark, Harry/Louis, PG

run in the dark
1 707 words, PG

When Louis sleepwalks, Harry never wakes him.

Louis always talks about these things when he's sleepwalking; it's like he can't talk about it when he's awake, doesn't even want to remember when he's awake and then ends up spilling his guts in the dead of the night when all Harry wants to do is sleep.


gamble away your fright, Harry/Louis, Liam/Louis, R

gamble away your fright
7 162 words, R

♥♥♥ to junkshop_disco for beta-reading and especially Brit-picking, and to randominity for the concrit and encouragement. Title from Beirut - Nantes.

This is a sequel to we are wide away, but can stand on its own. University!AU.


Louis is lonely. Harry helps.

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measures of our days and nights, Harry/Draco, NC-17

measures of our days and nights
Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy,
40 058 words, NC-17
warnings for: usage of potions, alcohol, and other magical things

♥ to myrafur, shaggirl and katienyc for beta, concrit and encouragement.

Draco returns to London to help the Ministry decipher a spell, but things aren’t quite as simple as they seem.

AKA: The fic that took 3 weeks to write and 4 months to edit. AKA: the fic nobody is ever going to read. I am going to sit over there now and ask myself what to do with my life.